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We have recently written about BBnaija’s most controversial housemate, Tacha. We decided to write on BBNaija’s Mercy Eke biography this time because you, our reader, might ask for it after reading about her rival Tacha.

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Bbnaija Mercy Eke
Mercy Eke

We have written this article about Mercy Eke, one of the housemates on the recent edition of BBNaija tv reality show titled Pepper Dem Gang. We have focused intimately on her biography, age, real name, career, personal life and net worth of Mercy Eke of BBNaija 2019.

BBNaija’s “pepper dem gang” 2019 edition, Mercy Eke, who is the subject under discussion right now, came first after the end of the TV reality show. Why not talk about the winner of the 2019 edition of the BBnaija?

Mercy Eke Net worth
Mercy Eke

Mercy BBNaija Biography.

Mercy Eke was born into the family of Eke’s in Imo State, Southeastern part of Nigeria, on Friday 4 June 1993. With this, it means Tacha is two years younger than Mercy Eke. During her high school days Mercy attended Egbu Girls Secondary School, Owerri before leaving for her tertiary education to Imo State University in Owerri.

Mercy Eke Career You Need to know.

Mercy Eke, winner of the 2019 edition of BBNaija is a Lagos-based business woman, social media influencer and Video Vixen. (A video vixen is a female model that appears in hip-hop-oriented music videos) According to Mercy, her favorite hobbies are cooking, swimming, traveling, and dancing.

Mercy Eke been a business-oriented lady, would still crave for the BBnaija TV show even if she had 1 million naira in her account. According to her, her business, which is probably a fashion brand, requires fame. Mercy has revealed she will use the cash price of 60 million naira (if won) to expand her already flourishing fashion brand.

Mercy Eke and her Boyfriend Ike
Mercy and Ike

Mercy and her lover, Ike will be running a reality TV show-Mercy & Ike. The show will concentrate on the couple outside the BBNaija house and how they live with each other. Mercy also opened Lambo Homes, a real estate company, an idea she has been nursing for about 10 years. On 9 May 2020, she launched the real estate company, Lambo Homes.

Mercy Eke in BBnaija House 2019.

In the 2019 Big Brother Naija (Pepper Dem Gang) Mercy was widely regarded as one of the most enthusiastic stars. She immediately made headlines on the tv show in opening day after wearing a see-through gown to the opening event. Mercy did so to steal the show purposely when she rocked a see-through outfit that showed her underwear, making her popular on every social media platform

Bbnaija Mercy Eke Relationship.

Mercy Eke once said that her first boyfriend was a tenant in his fathers house. Mercy being a hot lady in BBnaija house was on every guy’s list, though she was only attracted to Ike. Unfortunately, Ike’s relationship with Mercy came to a brief halt after Ike honestly acknowledged he would pick up the 60 million Naira cash price over Mercy. But even after that the two reunited after the TV show.

Mercy and Ike currently do not appear to be dating. Recently, Mercy posted on social media that she is single and not searching. This is after Ike has deleted all the picture of Mercy from his own Instagram account. On Instagram the two lovers unfollowed each other and fans assume they have split. A picture posted by Ike on Instagram added more tension to everything. In a beautiful picture Ike was seen with Tacha, the sworn enemy of Mercy.

Mercy Eke Net worth
Mercy Eke Net worth

Mercy Eke Networth

The winner of BBnaija is already raking in real money after she won the tv show. Her net worth is not yet ascertained at the moment, but we know for sure she landed a contract with Mapia tea as an ambassador. When she left BBnaija Mercy Eke was gifted with a house, so her networth will inevitably be more than $10,000. In 2020 she signed an ambassador contract with a company called Classic Make Up USA.

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Mercy Eke Personal life.

Thanks to her natural endowments, Mercy loves t.werk and besides she is a video vixen. In the Big Brother Naija house, she is generally regarded as the best twer, ker and the hottest. Mercy has an expanded fan base of up to 800k Instagram followers and up to 60k Twitter followers. Mercy has battled in BBnaija with one of her housemates and we now know why. She viewed Tacha as a proud person. When asked what irritates you most about other people, she said;

I dislike people who are proud.

And what will you do with the prize money, mercy said;

I want to start my own fashion brand or label.

Why will you be a fan favorite in the house, she replied;

I’m a fun person and I’m a sweet girl. Some people call me “Sugar”. Plus, I can be crazy!

Official social media accounts of Mercy Eke of BBNaija.

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