Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Biography, State, Business, Age and Net worth

Allen Ifeanyichukwu Onyema Biography, Allen Ifeanyi is a Nigerian businessman and philanthropist who was born in 1994 with a gold heart; He sponsored the return of Nigerians who were stranded in South Africa during the Xenophobic attack in South Africa. Allen Onyema, who runs an airline company, offered Nigerians a free ride home even before a drastic situation could be taken by the Nigerian Government. We will give you details to know about him ranging from the biography, net worth, and business run by Allen Onyema – CEO Air peace.

Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Biography

Allen Onyema is the first-born of Mrs. Helen Onyema and Mr. Micheal Onyema’s family of 9 children. He was born in 1964, and raised in Warri, Delta State, while he is from Ihiala Local Government Area in Anambra state. During his secondary school days he attended the Government College in Ugheli and also obtained a law degree at the prominent University of Ibadan. (Allen Onyema) left Government College in 1984. He led a group of nine other students, during his days at the University of Ibadan, to journey to Zaria to calm a raging religious and ethnic riot that resulted in countless deaths. His interest grew as a result of the attention his peacekeeping mission received on return to the university campus and this led to the establishment of a group called the Eminent Friends’ Group. Allen Onyema Eminent Friends Group, was formed with the objectives of promoting ethnic harmony amongst Nigeria’s diverse ethnic groups and curbing the incidence of religious violence within the country.

Airpeace Owner Allen Onyema Biography, State, Business, Age and Net worth
Allen Onyema

After graduating from Ibadan University in 1987, Allen Onyema founded Eminent Friends’ Group in every existing state of the Nigerian Federation. Allen Onyema was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1989 and began his legal practice at the Law Firm – Nwizugbo & Company at Lagos in Chief Vincent Amobi in 1990, while he had a glaring opportunity to work at Shell Oil Company. He later ascended two years later to become head of chambers at Nwizugbo & Company. Allen Onyema has resigned from this law firm after a well-spent career in Nwizugbo & Company to establish his own, ONYEMA & CO.

Airpeace Owner Allen Onyema Biography, State, Business, Age and Net worth
Allen Onyema And Wife Alice

Allen Onyema and his wife Alice Ojochiba Onyema, an Igala woman from Kogi state, tied the knot in 1993. He has been married for more than 10 years and blessed with four children, Nnenna, his first-child, Chinonso his first-son, second-child, Obinna his second-son, and Ugochukwu his last son. At the age of 29, he got married and his reason for early marriage was a tribute to his dead mother who died of kidney failure.

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Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Business

Allen Onyema has established an Allen Onyema & Company real-estate business and also runs an import trade outfit called Continental Business Links Ltd. He is also the owner of Air Peace, a private Nigerian airline founded in 2013 but started off on 24 October 2017 due to some difficulties, it has its headquarters at Lagos State. Air Peace is known to provide air transport services to major Nigerian cities, as well as to other countries such as Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Gambia and more.

Apart from being a businessman, Allen is also a philanthropist, he is FEHN ‘s National Chairman (Foundation of Ethnic Harmony in Nigeria), and has also been appointed as ICNC’s Executive Board, the International Center for Nonviolent Conflict, where notable world leaders such as Hon Dr. Andrew Young and Suarez Ramos are members. Chief Allen Onyema also organized the “1st Nigeria Forever Project,” a project aimed at promoting broad nationalism as opposed to ethnic nationalism, and the Nigerian Federal Government supported the project.

It could be said that Allen Onyema was an undercover billionaire, but he became known during the Xenophobic attack in South Africa where he offered airplane from Air Peace to transport Nigerians back from South Africa. His kind gesture was collectively acknowledged and recommended by House of Representatives members but not without critics.

Airpeace Owner Allen Onyema Biography, State, Business, Age and Net worth
Allen Onyema

Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Awards

Chief Allen has received various prestigious national and international awards. In 2007, he earned the rights to host International Conference on Nonviolence and Peace.

  • The 2007 Martin Luther King Global Award for Pioneering Nonviolence Education in West Africa
  • Hope for Humanity Award – Rotary Club
  • 2006 Africa Leadership Merit Award – Africa International news magazine
  • L&M leader of the month award in 2019 for demonstration of compassion and meeting a need

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Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Controversies

The United States Justice Department once accused Chief Onyema of bank and money laundering, an accusation he refuted. According to him, “the allegations are false and in no way in line with my character as a person and as a businessman” The U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Georgia alleged that Allen Onyema and his company’s chief of administration and finance, Ejiroghene Eghagha, illegally moved more than $20 million through an American bank account using false documents to purchase airplanes for Air Peace.

Air peace Owner Allen Onyema Net Worth

Allen Ifechukwu Onyema is Chairman of Air Peace Airline, an expert in conflict resolution, a lawyer, and businessman. He is one of Nigeria’s most influential and richest persons with numerous revenue sources. Allen Onyema’s net worth is an estimated $300m.

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