About Ike BBnaija 2019 – Age, Biography, Net worth, State, Relationship, and real name

Recently we discussed about Mercy and Tacha, the former BBnaija Housemates, and we wrote few things to understand about them. You can read them above. This time we are going to cover the Biography of Ike BBnaija 2019, sharing with you what we have gathered about him, his Age, real name, profile, and Networth.

Ike BBnaija 2019 Biography

Ike Bbnaija 2019 age and net worth
Ike Bbnaija 2019

The real name of Ike BBnaija 2019 is Steve Ikechukwu Onyema. He was born on July 19, 1992. Steve Ikechukwu or preferably Ike BBnaija comes from Imo State, in the largely Igbos-dominated southeastern part of Nigeria. He is a Nigerian but based in Texas, Houston. Ike is a graduate of Mathematics and holds a Mathematics degree.

Ike is a model based outside Nigeria that was featured on the latest reality TV show BBnaija 2019. He describes himself as one who is self-confident and promises to give drama to Nigerians. He enjoys entertaining people and wants to be happy whatever it might be. Ike BBnaija hates people who talk too much, but sometimes he can be lively and colorful.

According to him, Ike’s favorite movie is “No Country for old men” (written in 2007 as an American neo-western crime thriller film) and most of the time you can find him eating steaks and watching the movie during his free time.

Ike BBnaija in BBnaija House 2019

Ike Bbnaija 2019

If Ike had won the prize of 60 million on BBnaija 2019, he would send some to his cousin with whom he has lived for more than 7 months. He also wanted to help out with some of the cash in charities, and channel it into business ventures if he had won.

I’d put some money into real estate and give some to a children’s charity.

Ike mingled with a particular housemate, Mercy Eke, during the BBnaija 2019 reality tv show, with whom many feel he will tie the knot with. He mingled and tangled in the house with the Mercy Eke who later won the BBnaija show and both continued their love affair even after the show. On 13th week, 29 September 2019, Ike was evicted from the BBnaija 2019 reality TV show. When mercy won the show, however, Ike claimed that her win would be beneficial towards their relationship.

Things are not going well with the relationship between Ike and Mercy though. On social media, the onetime love birds unfollowed each other, until Mercy openly revealed that she is still single. Ike was soon seen in a picture he posted on social media, he posed seductively with Tacha, who is Mercy’s sworn enemy. Even Mercy and Tacha have agreed to lay down their swords before the break-up of the relationship between Mercy and Ike. As Mercy and Ike are out to run a reality TV show titled Mercy & Ike show, the couple appear to be reunited. The show Mercy and Ike would concentrate on the couple and the way they live outside the BBNaija house with each other.

Ike BBnaija 2019 Age

Ike Bbnaija 2019 relationship

Ike was born on 19 July 1992. At the age of 26 he entered the competition for BBnaija 2019 Edition.

Ike BBnaija 2019 Networth

Ike was a one-time businessman but he moved in with his girlfriend when his business collapsed. He is into modeling right now and things are pretty smooth for him. Ike owns an ice-cream company worldwide, he makesrevenue from branded wears and ice-cream sales. He signed an Ambassador deal with a branding and marketing firm – Play Management Africa. Ike BBnaija 2019, an outstanding model, made it to the front cover of VL Africa magazine. The BBNaija star, Ike has now landed a contract for PTRlifestyle, the owners of The Kabaal Nightclub and Beach as brand ambassador.

Ike BBnaija’s 2019 net worth is believed to be an estimated $50,000.

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